Latest hearing technology for the holidays

Tech tailored to you, your lifestyle, and your goals

Looking to get yourself or your favorite tech-savvy, fitness-focused loved one a pair of hearables this season? Check out our helpful hearable gift guide that covers what they are, some of the different features, various brands, and the ordering process.

What Hearables Are

The definition of a “hearable” is constantly evolving, like the technology. To attempt to encompass all the variations of this technology, a hearable is a wireless in-ear computational device. This mini-computer uses wireless/Bluetooth® technology to complement and enhance your sound experience. Fitness tracking is another key feature that sets these apart from wireless headphones.

These devices are transforming according to wearers’ ever-changing wants:

    • The ability to sync with wireless devices to stay connected to people, hobbies, and music
    • The technology to measure biometrics (like heart rate, calories burned, etc.)
    • Quality sound streaming

What to Look for in a Hearable

These little guys can do so much, so how do you know which one is for you? Check out some of these highlighted features:
hearable guide
Comparison graphic courtesy of Bragi. View more on their Facebook page.

Hearable Comparison: Bragi Dash Pro vs. Jabra Elite Sport vs. Samsung Gear Icon X

If you’re looking for all the functionality available in a hearable, any of these three are quality options. All can also be custom-fit to your ear, which allows for superior sound. Contact us to schedule an appointment for custom-fitting!

Resound-owned Jabra’s Elite Sport wireless earbuds feature nearly every benefit highlighted in the above table, from audio transparency (so you can be more aware of your surroundings while still enjoying your tech) to high-quality sound and clear calls. If app compatibility is a top concern, take a closer look at the Bragi Dash Pro and the Samsung Gear Icon X, as they have more options. Keep in mind that the Bragi Dash Pro and the Jabra Elite Sport are the only waterproof options available if you’ll primarily be wearing them when working out or near water. While all three come with portable charging cases, the Bragi and Jabra options feature much longer battery life than the Samsung option, which is definitely something to consider if you’ll be using these devices for extended periods.

Timeline for Fitting

Some hearables are customizable, such as the Bragi family of technology. In this case, the wearer would need an earmold impression created by a dispenser or audiologist (like us!). Any hearables that can be customized follow the same process. Contact our office about our policy.

The process for creating an earmold impression begins with the consumer getting an otoscopic evaluation from a professional to ensure an earmold impression can be taken. The actual earmold impression is created by inserting a block into the ear canal along with the earmold impression material. This cures for about 10 minutes, and then the earmold impression material — now a mold of the ear — is sent to the hearable manufacturer for customization.

Have questions? Would you like to get an earmold made? Give the gift of hearables this season with our help! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.