Our Approach to Care:

It’s more than hearing technology – it’s a comprehensive approach to care. Our experienced providers and attentive staff offer unparalleled service and care to bring you the world’s most advanced hearing technology.


You get a hearing care experience focused on you and your hearing needs. Our comprehensive 4-step process includes:

  • A conversation with you about your listening lifestyle
  • An evaluation of your ears to ensure any hearing loss isn’t caused by, for example, debris or earwax
  • Hearing tests
  • A discussion of the technology options that would work best for your unique situation

We want to empower you to make the best, most informed decision possible about your hearing care.


We provide a verification, protection, and validation plan that ensures you get the most out of your hearing care throughout the life of your devices. With every hearing aid we fit at Advanced Audiology, we include our Complete Hearing Health Care service package. This package is for the life of the hearing aid* which includes:

  • 30-day adjustment period
  • Complimentary quarterly hearing aid checks and cleanings
  • Unlimited hearing aid program adjustments
  • Our battery program
  • Annual hearing screening to monitor your hearing status to be sure your hearing aid is appropriate for your current hearing needs
  • A 3-year warranty and loss/damage insurance

*manufacturers recommend that the average life of hearing devices are 3-5 years approximately.

Our patients save hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of their hearing aids with our Complete Hearing Health Care program. A well-maintained hearing aid lasts longer and is less likely to need costly repairs.

Even if you purchased your hearing aids elsewhere, (V.A., another clinic or you moved), you can purchase the Complete Hearing Health Care package for your current hearing aids. Call us, (317) 496-3944, for details and start saving on needless out of pocket expenses.



Working with the world’s best hearing-device manufacturers, we curate a selection of technology in a variety of styles that represents the newest, most effective options for optimizing your listening lifestyle.

Your Listening Lifestyle

This is key to how we determine our technology recommendations. Your listening lifestyle describes the amount of background noise you encounter daily. Someone who loves rock concerts needs a different level of technology than someone who sees music as a good source of quiet background sound at home.


Learn more about how we custom tailor hearing technology to your unique needs.

Custom Hearing Aid Fitting

Better Hearing, Worry Free

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